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Reliable and verifiable Financial Market research


Laomedeia Ltd. targets global professional financial institutions with reliable, consistently accurate financial market research. Our research is based upon a successful and innovative proprietary analysis method. Laomedeia Ltd. promotes transparency in the financial world. We recommend to read our T&C  and Disclaimer

Our research covers major stock market Indices, Currency markets, Commodities and Bonds. Global market indices (e.g. Dow Jones, S&P500, Nasdaq100, DAX30, FTSE100 and Nikkei225) are reviewed on a monthly basis. Currency pairs and Commodities like Gold, Platinum, Silver and WTI-Oil are covered as well. Our documented financial market research includes a detailed outlook and audit trail, which partially drives our customers asset allocation activities.

Laomedeia Ltd. is partnering with a licensed and AFM registered Asset Manager for individual investors or institutions who prefer to have (part of) their assets managed by means of Laomedeia's proprietary methodology.

Feel free to contact Laomedeia Ltd. when you or your company require further details.